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David Miller is starting to annoy me

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Papparrazzi said:
Colonel hasn't returned to this thread since he started it. I dont understand his sentence. Can he come back and explain what the above means?

Im here, sorry I was away. I mean that he makes alot of noise about targeting this and that stage for wins etc and then doesnt deliver. It makes no sense to me Im sorry for those who dont agree. Is he doing it to get in the media? To attract more sponsors??
Apr 8, 2009
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Colonel said:
I mean that he makes alot of noise about targeting this and that stage for wins etc and then doesnt deliver. It makes no sense to me
I suppose he gets asked the question a lot, and is honest enough to say what he wants to try and do, as opposed to those who either shy away from the press, or who keep their ambitions hidden in case they fail.

I dont really see the problem. He is a good rider, who does a lot of work for his team, as well as being well placed in recent events.
anubisza said:
Millar is a classy rider, but hasn't really done much for a couple of years. I'm a fan of his, so it's nice to see that his form is looking the best it has for a long time. Wouldn't be suprised to see him in a few breakaways looking to pick up a win. I'm not sure he's got the legs for an ITT win though.

I too am very glad to see Millar back on top form. However he wasn't so bad last year. If you discount Schumacher, who was doping, Millar was 2nd in the Tour time trial at Cholet. He was also flying in the Giro when his chain broke. As he says himself he overtrained a bit last year & is now back to his very classy best. I'm hoping for a Brit 1/2 with Millar & Wiggo in one of the Tour time trials though there is the little matter of Cancellero to deal with.
I am always surprised at how polarizing Millar is; can't really see what it is that triggers the strong negatives. He's a class time trialist with a beautiful position on the bike and one of the purest pedal strokes going. The emotional outbursts are simply a free bonus, if you ask me - we need more flying bikes and torn race numbers.
Mar 10, 2009
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Colonel said:
No offence to anyone who likes this guy but he is always talking about these "Stages he is going to target" in GT and then does ****all and never comes close. On EPO he was good now, just alittle cleaner is merely mediocre.

He makes alot of noise and follow through.

I've been sick of this whiner since 2003 when at the Tour he was crying about the mechanics and complaining that Confidis had inferior equipment compared to Telecom. And then there was the bronchitis and he was all snotty about that. And the same year (I think) he was whining about the Angrilu being too steep and riders should strike rather tha ride it at the Vuelta etc, etc. The Scotsman a *****.
Millar whined about Cofidis, everybody who leaves a French team whines about the Frenchies, I remember Stuey O'Grady & Matt White having a good whine about Cofidis at a public appearence in Sydney a few years ago.

The Angliru incident was more to do with conditions on the descent prior to the Angliru when loads of guys were crashing due to the wet conditions. Lets say conditions were much worse then than they were at the Giro this year in Milan when the riders refused to ride.

I dont understand why everyone dislikes Millar so much, yes he did dope but he has been one of the few I have believed in since then. Maybe people should read his interview with Paul Kimmage in the Sunday Times last July.