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Delgado decries the damage; his Legacy & Valverde

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don't try to divert from facts by hitlerising the issue through using nationalities. this is not about nationalities. it is for the sad facts that i have a problem with Valv.Piti and operacion puerto. i admire spain and its language, culture, food and enthusiam for cycling, i had a girlfriend in madrid for a few years. i would have the same stance if valv.piti were italian, swiss, german, australian or whatever nationality. also luxembourg and other countries have not acted properly with regard to puerto.[/QUOTE]

it is prety obvious things have change quite a lot since Patty is there, even if Spain might be the biggest potential in cycling right now teams such as Garmin, Shack and Sky, Columbia (some of then teams with results out of the logic) and countries such as USA and Australia are among the leaders in orginising this sport. It's not about hitlerising as you say but I see a lot of hipocresy when listening people such as Gerrans, Pate, McEween, (to name few who reacted towards Valverde case) not to mention Cav, Millar o even Wiggo when they state so strongly against doping. Don't think at all Delgado defends doping, he is reacting towards a case which has been taken as the flagship againts doping and the old cycling, listen, is a question of hegemony in the new world of cycling. Then once Valverde got his ban Paty can come and say that of "it's time to look forward, not backwards" :D

It's just comical, the obsession with Valverde's past is not normal, consider that UCI wanted to erase of Valverde's palmarés since... 2004!!! I don't see this normal in the history of cycling,

The most hillarious moment in recent fight against doping was when Zabel confessed the use of EPO and the UCI seemed to think: "oh, poor gay, he is even crying, let's forgive him".

As soon as cycling is liberated from this Irishmen the better will be.
Mar 12, 2009
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Shut up Pedro!

And people talk about Landis having no credibility! Why would I have the slightest respect for what the first Tour winner to test positive has to say about doping?