Dennis abandon

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Comparing his ITT losses compared to last season his estimate of having lost 40W is probably correct, but he also climbed so much better. Looks like a case of a reverse Tony Martin transformation.

Something went wrong during the transformation though. He mentioned being on empty after the Tour de Suisse and not being able to train for GC in the Tour de France.

My guess is that the program he's on did something to him, both physically and mentally. Just a guess though.
Team provide him with a slow Merida TT bike, the wheels are slow and the team failed to get him a faster TT suit delivered in time for today so he quit is what I heard. Think it's acceptable to quit if the team are not helping you succeed like that. That's what is assumed to be the issue from a few other riders and journalists anyway.
If the issue is with the bike, it's most likely the frame geometry stopping Dennis from getting a position he likes within the stupid UCI regulations. Not liking the skinsuits could be an issue as well, but surely they would need to be terrible for that, and he can always get Adam Hansen to bodge up something like he does for a number of other riders.

Dennis has a real reputation for anger management issues and it seems like Allan Peiper is one of the few who can manage him and also why Greenedge didn't even offer him a contract. Remember the mid season switch from Slipstream to BMC? This is probably something similar.