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Did anyone see Cav getting blocked - I didn't

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Jun 23, 2009
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Faserr said:
Look at that:

Cavendish clearly pulls on the jersey of Rooijakkers and his "victim" nearly went down. The interview clearly shows what we all know, he's a little arrogant kid.
He's the best sprinter in the world at the moment, but he isn't showing any character.

I would say, if you can handle the heat stay out of the kitchen, pro level sprinting isn't for pussies and there is always argy bargy, suck it up.

As for Cav being arrogant, well he's a sprinter and they are all cocky little fellas. I think he shows a lot of character. He always recognises the support him team gave him, he always gives his win to the team,as he did today and he always runs to congratulate his other team members for their role in getting him to the line.

If you mean by "an arrogant little" kid, that he says he is the fastest in the world, I would argue he is just saying it like it is...he is the fastest in the world.
Jun 17, 2009
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Rechtschreibfehler said:
I already posted this in the other thread.

The video speaks for itself...
Ridiculous stuff by Cavendish. Absolutly unaccetable.

I don't even want to start on his reaction after the race...
I didn't expect it to be any diffrent though.

In my opinion the guy should be pulled out of the tour.
But your name and what is "good" for the sport protects you in cycling.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT !!! this was a minor racing incident and I have been at the end of and have seen much worse. It was a hand off because the rider was pressing him towards the side of the road.

I think Cav made a little too much of it as well but as for 'chucking him out of the race' your talking out your behind.