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Did Bruyneel frame Frank Schleck?

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ManInFull said:
What did Floyd admit to taking DURING the 2006 TdF? It's been a while since I closely looked at his claims. I recall that he admitted to doping during his training and races leading up to the 2006 TdF. But, what happened during the Tour? Did he admit to a blood transfusion during the Tour? Did he shed any new light on his 2006 TdF when he "came clean" in 2010?

2 Transfusions and EPO if IIRC.
This whole discussion is silly.

The basic premise is "Bruneel is a bad man, therefore we can attribute any irrational act of evil we like to him". It wasn't in Bruyneel's interest to have a positive on his team. It wasn't in his interest to lose one of the two riders the team owner is primarily interested in supporting. In the absence of any actual evidence to support conjecture, there is nothing to discuss here.
Jul 27, 2009
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drfunk000 said:
Even after admitting that he used doping to win the Tour de France, Floyd Landis still maintains that he did not use testosterone.

All that said, it is clear that the Schelck's are not on good terms with Bruyneel. Would he burn a member of his current team - simply out of spite?

Just a mental exercise - even if far fetched.

Not that far fetched, anything is possible. Contador's could fit the category as well.