Diet Recommendations/Suggestions

Jun 22, 2010
Few facts about my situation. (Road biking)
New to riding and new to a healthy lifestyle overall. Age 23. Do a considerable amount of indoor training on a trainer. Looking to ride casually (no racing) but to a competitive level of performance.

Any suggestions on diets for a cyclist or diet plans for just a general active lifestyle? Any good books out there to pick up or any real solid articles? Looking some solid guidelines and a firm direction in what I should be looking to do day in day out.

I have never ever stuck to any sort of plan of have generally eaten healthy whatsoever. I have roughly maintained a build of 6'1" 155 lbs at the maximum, so I'm not looking for any sort of weight loss diet, just a diet to reach potential on my bike and energy levels.

Thanks in advance.
Apr 23, 2010
'Eat to Win' by Robt. Haas. Easy to understand. Should give you a good basic foundation on eating/diet for activities. Will make it much easier to sort through tons of bogus diet info.
Aug 4, 2009
Cyclist use a see food diet. see food and eat it.

You know if there has been a cycling presentation dinner at the Town Hall you will see the cyclists queing up for fish and chips after.

Note at the Coffee shop the cakes piled on the cyclists plates.

Just dont try to loose waight during a racing phase wait untill the off season.

You got to put it back but with quality foods. I cant tell you to eat pasta you may not like it. Dont eat Fat foods day before a race or you will suffer during the early part .
Apr 29, 2010
Health Diet: coffee, riding, eggs, hot sauce, beer, girls, beer, coffee, and lots of fruit and veggies. Chipotle burritos. Cookies. Keep it all organic and drink lots of water.
Apr 3, 2010
I'm 71 and when I was 14 I was called Buster for good reason! The important things about diet are:-Lose FAT,not neccessarily WEIGHT.Don't become obsessive.Providing you are training if you want an ice cream,burrito or whatever,HAVE ONE;Treats are GOOD.For quick fat loss live off plenty of raw fruit and veg for a couple of weeks.Preferably in the winter.The Haas book is GOOD albeit a bit stoneage.The recipes are a means to an end,i.e winning in your chosen sport;If you are training hard the "boring"recipes will taste delicious;if you want to be a fat goumet sell your bike.Make it fun!Dig a few video clips of Jens Voigt;He is what it's all about. Good Luck.Buster