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Does Pez Suck?

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Jul 1, 2009
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Walshworld said:
Okay, guess I'll step in as the only defender of Pez.

That's noble of you, but I think some others have made some positive comments as well.

To balance it out, I'm not fond of their jerseys. Socks ++, jerseys are like for a prison team.
Steel4Ever said:
Why? WhoTF cares?!? YOU like it or YOU don't!
Say everyone came out and said, "PEZ is AWESOME!" -- would you then just jump on their bandwagon and start to cheer, "PEZ is AWESOME!" instead of siding with your own brain?

Addendum to 'Worst Things...' List:

1. People who don't use their own freewill.

p.s. -- I'm not flaming you ... Sure! :D

Hmm, sounds like you read something into my post. I said "The writing over at PezCycing News sometimes is just right off the deep end". I stand by that. That does not mean I hate everything on the site - I definitely like Daily Distractions and I think they do a pretty decent job on race course previews. But when they go on and on about specific racers, I want to puke. :eek:
Mar 21, 2009
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its not difficult to get what you want out of the different cycling sites. They all give me what I expect, and serve their own purposes.
I can't flame any of them. Pez, velonews, or any of them. Sometimes I embarrass myself when I see how much time i spend on so many cycling sites.
They all deliver great reading on occassion, which is all I expect. If the article sucks, oh well. If the article is biased, bfd. Its a frigging cycling website.