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Dr. Ashenden interview: "no doubt LA took EPO in '99 Tour"

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Apr 1, 2009
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BigBoat said:
Was Casar on a Dr. Ferrari drug program? Did he fail 6 samples for epo? Is he on a team that was rumored to blood dope with their own blood?

Was his team caught with actovegin ( a deproteinized heme derivative of young calf blood.)

Is there a former staff member of his team that said quote "As soon as the riders are off their bikes their on IVs with a new experimental drug more powerful than EPO."

Have "comments been disabled" for any of Sandy Casar's fan vids? Does he have any fan club even?

You're wasting your breath.
The facts don't matter here,:confused:it's a conspiracy:confused:

Ullrich, Basso, Pantani, Virenque, Zulle, Beloki... to name just some of the extremely talented guys who used EPO, blood doping and what not and LA beats them all riding clean:confused:
Not to mention the '99 positive samples...:rolleyes:
Mar 10, 2009
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Perhaps if someone <nudge, nudge> would start a thread entitled "Armstrong Loyalists and Apologists Post Here", and someone else <nudge, nudge> would start a thread "Armstrong Detractors and Critics Post here", the two threads could facilitate rants and raves ad infinitum.

And the rest of us could sit back and watch those two train wrecks while enjoying our cycling.