Easier to put out Watts on Peloton versus on the Road?

Is it easier to produce more Watts on a Peloton indoor machine than on the road?

For example, if you were to do a 45 minute ride on Peloton, would you be able to produce significantly more watts than for 45 minutes on the road?

I'm asking because some of the numbers I'm seeing in Peloton classes are quite remarkable. Pro level.
Unless the 2 different power meters have been calibrated to produce the same readings, it's not really possible to compare them (and it's not known that either of the readings is accurate).

At my local fitness center, the power readings are different on different machines of the same make and model.
I only compare the day to day readings on the SAME machine.

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You pedal more on a trainer than on a real ride (coasting downhill, coasting to an intersection...) so in 45 minutes you would 'produce' more watts if that's the metric you meant).
I’m guessing the OP means average watts or w/kg rather than total watts.

@Juan Pelota , there are certain factors that affect your power numbers. I think most people find they produce less watts on a trainer than on the road. Without having details of what you are comparing and how each is measured it’s hard to know. You’d also need to know the relative accuracy of each device. Are you taking watts or w/kg?
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