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I‘d say his 2024 season has already been a success, it can get hardly any better. All that comes now turns the season from perfect to extraterrestrial.

Today‘s ride, 125kms break and sprint victory, over Vlasov, has already been the „ride of the season“.

So he now can decide, staying on the Mallorca Island, or having holidays, and finishing the season early.

EF‘s team surprised me, once more, as so often. Normally, with Vaughters‘s public, apparent, approach to things, as yet shown over last decades, you would expect his teams would finish every season with less than three victories, at all. Today, once more, he surprises the world, and his rider beats Vlasov and McNulty.

USPS team under Lance‘s leadership was imho so much more American than Vaughters‘s teams - but tbh, in the meantime, I prefer Vaughters, and EF‘s team. They are different to everyone else, but they are still successful. Quite amazing. Happy for these guys; the pressure has evaporated, first victory accomplished.
I’m excited to see what Powless, Carapaz, Healy, Carr and several others will be able to achieve with EF this year,

What an exciting team for Strade Bianche.
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How do you play it, though?
That's a good question.

Assuming that everybody is in good form, you gotta try some long range attacks. Healy and Powless are especially suited to long breakaways on a hard day so I guess what you want is to make the race explode far from the finish line and then use your numbers to have someone in every promising move.

That's just theory, though. Come the race day, you mind find yourself that you only really have one or two riders in form and it doesn't work.
Indeed. How do you play it, though? All of them will have leadership aspirations, even Rui. Long-range attack with Healy? Put Costa in a break? Let the other three try to stay with the leaders and try to join promising attacks?
At least for the portions of prior races we’ve seen broadcast, I don’t remember team tactics being a big factor: riders are either strong enough to stay with the lead group on the final Strade sectors or they aren’t? If EF did get a couple of riders in the front group then they could alternate going off the front, regardless of who their designated leader might be. But again, that’s not a scenario we’ve seen in recent years.
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According to PCS. EF has scored the 4th most team UCI points so far this season.
Here's the breakdown by rider for EF.

Not sure who is more incompetent, the sports performance team and directors responsible for the EF spring classics preparation, or me for continuing to pick EF riders for my spring CQ team? Both should be fired promptly. Their performance today was absolutely dismal, but right in line with what they’ve done for the past couple of years. They have been invisible outside of Powless.
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