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EF probably doesn't see itself as an American team anymore, but I keep wondering why they don't sign more talented US youngsters or pickup guys from Axeon. Magnus Sheffield and Quinn Simmons were probably too expensive or are there also reasons of lacking knowledge/skill on developing riders?
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IMO, Vaughters should've kept one spot on the team open for any late signings. It's a sensible thing to do for a team with a smaller budget, especially when there are signs some teams are about to fold as was the case this year. There are a few B&B riders that could've made a nice addition to EF's roster and perhaps at a good price in these circumstances.
I'm slightly optimistic at this point of the season looking at how Healy and Van den Berg looked strong today and Bettiol picked up a couple of top3 stage finishes in Australia. At least it doesn't look like nobody is riding to their potential at the moment like it was the case at many points in the last 2 years. I'm positive that the team can reach 2025 being more safe from relegation than the last time around.
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Which of the Van den Bergs did you like the looks of....ha ha ha
Marijn, of course. :D He survived yesterday's climbs in 3rd group and outsprinted everyone else from that group very easily. It hinted a good form and today's race confirmed my hunch was right.

Though, a rider like Julius losing only 30 secs today when only 45 riders finished under a minute is also a good sign, though I don't know the cirucmstances as I didn't watch the race. The best thing is that several riders who haven't shown all that much last season are already looking strong, it gives me hope that EF have figured out rider training much better this year than in the last 2 years.
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