Engoulvent on Armstrong

Engoulvent on Armstrong (with Lequatre)

Engoulvent on Armstrong in chronological order

24 August
Retweet of @Vincent_Cote, journalist
The end of an imposter, the strength of justice #armstrong

Then tweeted
The conclusion is that the anti-doping controls are ineffective #Armstrong #changeisnow

Retweet of @Romain_Scotto, another journalist
That #Armstrong make the millions he has stolen and cycling really advance. There... (maybe 'make him repay back the stolen money for cycling to advance? poor translation)

Retweet of @FFourreau
In 2005, 1st #Armstrong 2nd #Basso 3rd #Ulrich 4th #Mancebo 5th #Vinokourov 7e #Rasmussen #howdoIsortthepodium #tourdefrance @PatrickChasse

Then he had a discussion with Geoffroy Lequatre (ex Radioshack man, can't recall if he was the French cyclist who had cancer?) - some extra translation would be helpful
LEQUATRE 1: How to relish this info, take down an institution like Lance (and) deny the meteoric rise of the cycling world
LEQUATRE 2: So many people were riding, were inspired or copy the planet Armstrong, it is not possible to question the man and the athlete.
LEQUATRE 3: Cycling technology, sports business, TV audiences, the market shares, sponsoring the popular frenzy, made by Armstrong
LEQUATRE 4: Just to finish my little Saga, $ £ ¥ € all this is the friend of the people, but which governs a hierarchy. The highest then kills himself between the kings (weird, needs translating better)
ENGOULVENT: Agree too, if Armstrong had not been there, there would have been no winner ;)
LEQUATRE: Of course there would have been winners! But history is not so. The story has been written, if not the setting..
ENGOULVENT: Armstrong was innovative, it is obvious. But without doping the innovator who is 18th in the Tour de France looks different.
LEQUATRE: It's unjust come back after 12 years, it does not serve the bike/cycling, nor you and me either! No?
ENGOULVENT: I am very happy to do so, if it can make people think those who feel untouchable (can fall), like LA was
LEQUATRE: Ok nice to exchange opinions! The strength of #twitter
ENGOULVENT: Always in respect, whole/anyway :) (last bit needs translating)
(btw on Lequatre's personal website bio his 'hate' is dishonest people..)

A tweet
Anxious to see the movie "LA" film, especially the end.

Quick conversation with @Benjayong
BENJAYONG: The questions arises: Is there a clean winner of the TDF? Evans/Wiggins - are they different?
ENGOULVENT: Until now we can not say the opposite, but fortunately the noose tightens

25 August
A retweet of Lucie_009
Friends riders: USADA takes your livestrong bracelets and offers in exchange for a PowerBalance bracelet

Then he tweeted at her
ENGOULVENT: Just humour, I think everyone fights against cancer but there is no need to have a yellow bracelet
ENGOULVENT: Just for info, earning money on the back of cancer is the worst [url=http://www.rue89.com/2009/06/03/argent-et-politique-les-vraies-raisons-du-retour-darmstrong?sort_by=thread&sort_order=ASC&items_per_page=50&page=3]http://www.rue89.com/2009/06/03/argent- ... =50&page=3[/url] (needs a good translate)
LUCIE_009: PS: be careful when you criticize a cheater in you pressing another cheat, it is dangerous to assume the cheater
ENGOULVENT: I am not lecturing/I speak not of lectures

That is all..
I shall put him in my avatar.

Edit: I retract this statement, I hate the Saur-Sojasun jersey :D

Serious for a moment: thanks for the translation, he's even more frank about it than I thought he was, especially in the discussion with Lequatre. Props to him, hopefully he'll get support. Maybe we from cyclingnews should at least tweet him to thank him, that's the least we can do.
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