European Championships 2019 - Alkmaar

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Very strong by Affini, considering his age, and the fact that he is only human.

Evenepoel is amazing. I knew that he will be strong but the win seemed a bit too far fetched. Exceptional! Maybe some of Dennis, Dumoulin, Campenaerts and van Aert would have been able to beat him today... Maybe not! Not choosing him for the WC ITT seems ridiculous know.
obviously the 2-3 hardcore fanboys of him here can't wait for him to win every race. Others will be bored by this domination.
It's got nothing to do with fanboyism. We don't even know in what type of races he'll eventually be at his best.

Say it's in (hilly) classics, his presence might actually be a God's gift since he doesn't have a sprint nor is explosive.


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