Eva Maria is no longer

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Race Radio said:


The Hog, master of the pan flute.

Jul 16, 2009
Ozzie2 said:
you are en evil man and i will regret doing this, but its the aussie in me


okay, seeing how a good number of posts here are from the same guy posting and then replying to himself, i'll take the same opportunity

be it known that i am ashamed of the last post and regret it already- mocking a happy couple like that.

but anyone who knows BlackCat understands he has an evil Jedi-esque mind control ability over people and I fell victim of his pernicous ways.

I blame him

For the record. I am probably jealous and have been since I first saw the words "big" and "assets" in the same sentence.

that said. i've searched the web for photo's of Eva. maybe i'll just type in "jenna" and be done with it
Mar 13, 2009
Haha. Not transfusions, but most likely some form of hormonal treatment.

So what you using RR? I take it testosterone and HGH are a given.