Even though he basically looks like a cramp, doesn't Pello Bilbao deserve a thread?

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In the last couple of weeks when I see him, it always reminds me of this thread and I'm trying hard to see the resemblance to a cramp. But I can't see it. Help me. How does a cramp look like? It's been boggling my mind.

Anyway, yesterday (Stelvio) he was the biggest positive surprise of the GC riders for me. Impressive ride this Giro, especially after doing the Tour.
I just think he rides so weirdly with his shoulders drawn up and his constant front wheel side to side thing. I don't know if you look like that if you have cramps but certainly he looks like one who has them always.
I'm disappointed in you ;)

His three stages and third place in the 2007 Vuelta are legendary (IMHO). The second place in 2009 was a bit boring, because he mostly sucked wheels for three weeks, but he did manage to put two good ITT's together in the same GT. And finally he has the later gifted podium finish in the 2010 Tour, where he possibly could had beaten Menchov on the road, if he hadn't crashed in the beginning of the Tourmalet stage (and he also should had beaten Schleck in the Morzine-Avoriaz sprint).
I'm disappointed with myself too :( For that certain moment I wrote my reply I totally forgot 2009 and thought he ended up 4th in 2007 despite remembering his wins, sorry:D And you can't blame me for not thinking about 2010 gift.


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