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In Slovenia there is like 99.9% of people that prefer Roglic
In Slovenia Pogačar is unjustly almost disliked by most casual fans, because they feel like he stole something from Roglič, something that was meant to be of Roglič first and then Tadej's time will come. That's obviously stupid thinking and hopefully they'll change their minds soon, because Pogačar is an amazing and exciting young superstar of the sport.

But this conversation is becoming silly to be honest. I'm sure all of them champions, Roglič, Pogačar, van Aert, etc...have enough fans don't worry about it. Some more, some less. It depends on their riding style, depends on if they are from a traditional cycling country, depends on if they are riding for the right team and so on. But when they reach that superstardom level and they become big, also the number of haters increases. Usually because they frequently beat their favourite rider or because they feel like he is limiting their favourite rider in some way. But this is a lot more common in other sports than in a sport like cycling. True cycling fans usually acknowledge the greatness of a rider when they see a champion.

I just don't think you should judge sportsmen by how they answer in interviews in a foreign language. If you do so, then you will probably end disliking too many sportsmen unjustly. There's a reason they are sportsmen and not spokesmen. Also if you call riders like Roglič one trick ponies, I think you should quickly lose credentials as a knowledgeable person of the sport and gain fanboy credentials.
I'm not from Belgium. I think Roglic is a nice guy and a very strong rider, but nothing about him excites me.

I like van Aert... because... I don't know. If I'm honest it might be because I once saw his girlfriend in an interview and she seemed nice. Maybe she isn't even. If she is, he doesn't need to be. But often it's these kind of silly things that make me like or dislike a rider.
why, cause he is Belgian or cause he just follows the train and sprints in the end :)
Because he is the only rider capable of really hurting van der Poel in CX (not because i am against vdP, but because it would be super boring otherwise) and when he does, it's always spectacular. Because he wins ITT's, classics, mass sprints, hurts climbers when he pulls the peloton, because he has funny (natural) hair, because he is a very likable guy, because he doesn't give up easily, because he's a colorful guy, because he's been the underdog for most of his career, because he had to fight hard to overcome his injury... many reasons
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