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Primož is now fully focused on winter Olympics due in February. The pro cycling season schedule will get revealed tomorrow.

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Primož is now fully focused on winter Olympics due in February. The pro cycling season schedule will get revealed tomorrow.

Exactly: ski-jumping gold in Beijing + TdF victory will make his season pretty good.
That's why Primoz is so skinny: first big goal is around the corner.
Exactly: ski-jumping gold in Beijing + TdF victory will make his season pretty good.
The only problem being the ski jumping gold medal won't be included in any pro cycling rankings.

On a more serious note. At the end of the year our national television did a short interview with most prominent sport persons of the year. A question about the trophy cabinet was raised. Where does Primož keep all the trophies and awards he has won. He said some are located here some over there but most importantly he keeps them all in his heart. I must say that that is a rather good place to keep your trophies.

When asked about the ITT Gold Olympic medal. Here i must say that i did detect the distinction. Compared to some past interviews regarding trophies. He said he doesn't wear it exactly each day. As once per two days will do!
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Just finished watching the team presentation for 2022 season. Didn't understand most of it because of the language barrier. It was in English, when interviewing Roglič and Kuss. Regarding the Tour approach. Nothing all that special was said beyond saying they feel confident. As they did finish on the podium in the last 3 seasons. Pogačar is the favorite. Their job hence being to beat him. On the road and thinking tactically during and before the race. On a side note i noticed Roglič is in good shape.

Dennis didn't disappoint. He said while he was at Ineos they just copied JV extensively and he thought why don't i then rather just ride for JV. He feels JV is properly structured team and currently the best team in the peloton. He looks forward to participate at the Tour and is excited to be a part of a potentially winning team. He likes Tadej but on the road he will be the "enemy".
"everybody knows I'm doing the Tour only so I can be better prepared for the Vuelta,"

Now it's official, the Tour is just a WU race for Primoz. Pogi can win another one but he had better stay home during Vuelta. If he dares compete he will be squashed like an insect by Rog. Besides, after the Vuelta drubbing I expect Remco to fully focus on one-week races (just like Spilak).

Primoz also says he won't brake during the PN, which is a clear message to Gino Mader:

"But Paris-Nice, if I'm in good shape, and can get a result, I won't brake for sure"

BTW a bit of braking during descends may be of some use, Primoz.
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As for Rogličes 2022 schedule i am pleased. Wouldn't mind if he would do Giro-Tour double this year. After seeing Vuelta route i must say it's more or less perfectly suited for Rogla. Hopefully more sun this year for Rogla at Paris-Nice. Milano-Sanremo should be fun and at Itzulia Basque Country will likely end up being epic again. Unfinished business at La Flèche Wallonne and hopefully some luck again at Liège-Bastogne-Liège. As for Tour-Vuelta double. Hard to ask for more. Being a fan of a GT rider and seeing that rider on two GTs per year. Realistically expecting the podium position at the end. If not much more than that.

As Đoković is basically a vent for what was going on in the past two years in the world. People will project their frustrations. I agree it would be hard to resist. In my opinion whatever the opinion one has and the outcome will be. Things won't be the same again after.

Now the analogy was mostly about the temperament. What a bit of that can do in sports and broader. It can make a significant difference. From JV point of view it could backfire. But what i feel will happen is it will be beneficial. To be more concrete. It should make a difference at the end of bunch sprint stages, positioning at the beginning of the climbs, beneficial to team spirit ...

As the season is near we should find out soon. On how things stand.
If my calculations are correct. Today marks 50 days till we get to witness Roglič at the work again.

Less days remaining then the trophies won!
I would love to see him racing already in January - or, at least, in February.

On the other hand, we, as Primoz‘ fans, should want him riding as little as possible. Due to his lack of bike handling skills, we have to fear he will, again, start crashing from the first race on, just as he did in 2021. I, honestly, expect, again, 4-5 crashes even before the TdF 2022, and then again ca. 2-3 crashes in the Tour‘s first week.

Primoz would benefit so much from Team DSM‘s abrasion resistant lycra bibshorts. I hope JV will use these as soon as possible. In the past, most times of the year, Primoz‘ arms and legs have been covered with huge wounds. With this DSM‘s lycra, he avoids these big, deep wounds, which are painful - and the energy they need to heal decreases his performance (watts output) in the races.
He will do just fine. His skin is like lycra already anyway. The thing i wonder the most is if he wins Tour 2022 should he do Vuelta 2022. My mind says no but the heart says yes.

Hard decisions.
It's a dream scenario though, right? i.e. winning the Tour would be the pinnacle of his career & he'd be able to take a step back & ask himself what he wants next. But IMO only doing one grand tour would be a waste of his peak years, so win or lose the Tour, I'd expect a Vuelta challenge for number 4.
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