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I hope JV take good care of Primoz, and pay attention to this back injury. If he really has (had) two broken vertebrae, then this needs time to heal.

This are serious injuries, and the crash has happened just few weeks ago. I don‘t know if riding a 3.5 week long bike race through all of Spain, with 3 500 kms and 50 000 vertical meters, ridden with 42 kms/hr average, is the best thing to do in this situation. They certainly will do X-rays frequently, and see how it heals.

If it hasn‘t healed 100%, he - IMHO - shouldn‘t ride the Vuelta. Going into a GT with the goal of hunting stages or even GC would be crazy, with a still broken back.

Why not let it heal properly, then focusing on next year‘s Giro? Then, after Giro, no races at all, and start the TdF without pressure, just to see how it goes. Sounds good, IMHO. :)
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If that would be true he would not abandon the Tour. Fractures and pain is/was there. Time frame, on how long it takes to heal such injuries properly, is known. It's more then time frame available in between the time injury happened and the start of Vuelta. Roglič had some advance physiotherapy that could shorten the time for a week or two. Still in such case he will still not start the Vuelta 100% healthy and he for sure wasn't training for Vuelta 100% healthy.

Bottom line if he goes to Vuelta then he will likely force the team into that. I am going to Vuelta or to Ineos. Never mind the pain.
Most likely his imagination

It's hard to take comments like that seriously. That i guess it's their main purpose.

Still i do take Primož well being rather seriously. Hence again. Primož would never abandon the Tour if the condition would not be serious. Hence speculations on how this is all just a show for the public are in my opinion false. This type of injury is an injury that can leave long term issues.

On top of that if the decision will be made tomorrow. And Primož, doctors and team members will be present. Then i feel it's rather safe to conclude a few things.

Primož would like to go.

Doctors will give green or red light based on the medical data available. If it would be all some bluff i don't know on why would they arrange a private meeting with the doctors.

The team. They know that regardless of their final decision all could pan out just fine. Or they could lose Primož. Due to injury or yes another team. If he won't agree with their decision.

We'll see.
You said absolutely nothing to suggest the doctors would be against such participation as you stated earlier, nor did the article. Thats obviously just bollocks.

This is the second time you contributed nothing real to the discussion. Beyond trying to use some way to attack the person on the other side and expecting it to work. Why do you reckon it would work in the second try if it obviously failed big in the first attempt?

As for a more serious answer. It was you that claimed above the decision is down to Roglič. Suggesting that whatever he says that will be the case.

I pointed out that it would be a rather stupid thing to do then. To held a private meeting in between Primož, doctors and the team. For Primož to tell all of them that he is going and that's that. Further in my opinion "the doctors" were invited to take some of the "edge" off. From the final decision the team will made tomorrow.

We'll see.
If in 2023 Rogla would complain about some back pain. That could be due to decisions made tomorrow. If in 2023 Rogla would ride for some other team. That could be due to decisions made tomorrow ... People believing the decisions made tomorrow. For that to be a straightforward and an easy task. That is not the case at all.
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This is either some insider info or totally made up

The truth is that for people that want to find information. Enough information was leaked to make conclusions. From questions was there an injury. On what type of injury and how severe. How it was treated. To when Roglič started training to what the team position on he participating is. And on when the final decision will be made and on who will made it. All this information was revealed from reliable sources.

Now what we can do is guess. Here there is room for discussion. On what happens tomorrow. And what happens after tomorrow.

Some said it's down to Primož to decide. And on top of that suggested the whole injury being some sort of a PR stunt. That just doesn't add up. That hence needed some rectification.
It seems like some of this is in response to me. To clarify, I didn’t mean it was just a PR stunt. I think he needed to drop out of the Tour to recover and he could have done more damage had he continued. Given that he had not been announced as not participating yet, I think he will participate. And given he was in fantastic shape for the Tour, much like Contador and Froome in 2014, I think he will ride and win. There is not much to gain by announcing he is fine, especially given the unknowns of response to rigors of racing, and everything to gain from cautious communication.
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