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In competitive team sports sometimes a training schedule indeed needs to be adjusted a bit, for the team to stay healthy, until the competitions actually starts. On a bit less serious note, i wonder if Roglič has something to do with it. Pushing the pedals a bit to hard already? Best to wait and see as Paris–Nice is just around the corner.
So hard that it makes others sick :D
Kruiswijk and Dumoulin are strange cases indeed. They were both apparently super ready at the start of the year. But after the training camp they had in Spain their problems have come back. I hope Roglič doesn't adopt that condition as well. Unless of course he is the reason for it hehe. Jokes aside, Kruiswijk does strike me as the "if I cannot achieve my personal goal then I can't be bothered" sort of guy. Because the team will need the top dogs on their game. And however you look at it, Steven is clear number 3 in the hierarchy so there is a big chance he will have to eventually work for one of the other two.
Roglič gave a couple of interviews to Slovenian media. He uses Tacx trainer, has undertake (virtually) Col de la Loze a few times already, hopes altitude training will be possible this year, before Tour. He said he and his team will get prepared, regardless of the outcome this year.

In the following year he would like to attend a few classics, worlds and go after Olympic medal.
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Haha, thanks for this! I didn't know he could talk for so long.

Nice that he watched th Movistar Netflix series and had the comment: "They're really a team with cojones", because he couldn't remember specifics xD

Edit: It kind of sucks that the connection is bad, though. Especially his explanation of his maybe-a-war with Nibali is hard to understand.
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Roglič is getting better and better, when answering such questions. Imagine a journalist would ask such questions around two weeks in the GT race. What is love to you, what is hate to you ... Well ...
Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by his answers. If somebody during an interview gave me the same question "What is love?", Id probably go like:

Oh, Baby don't hurt me,
Don't hurt me,
No more....
Whoa, whoa oh oh oh...
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He had a short interview for Slovenian TV and uncovered the plan for the months ahead. Currently he is starting with a more specific and intense training that he will do through the whole June. Then in July he is going to altitude for a month (if the situation permits it of course). He starts the real racing in Tour de l'Ain which should take place between 7th and 9th of August. Right after that he goes to the Dauphine (12th to 16th of August) and then another short 10 days altitude camp before the Tour.
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