Ex pro cyclists cropping up in unexpected places

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Looking at his Instagram i think also Tom Boonen has switched to some Motorsport competition.
He has indeed, he's even on DriverDB. He's done mostly stuff like TCE, which is a semi-pro endurance category, but he's also entered the NASCAR Whelen Euro series. He had a pretty bad crash in October, though, and hasn't raced since, so I don't know how much further he's going to take it.

He became champion this year in the Benelux Supercar Challenge, racing for the Deldiche Team. He's actually talented for this kind of sport as well, but that's not really surprising. I wonder if he'll try leagues and cars with greater reputations.

He's also in cooperation with a few brands, one of which is the La Passione Cycling Couture (who are producing Movistar's new outfit for example).
You can see he's still very much in shape. And hello, Muur van Geraardsbergen.

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Baden Cooke was on Australian Survivor this year.

Bridie O' Donnell is now head of the board at Collingwood Football Club (largest club from any sport in Aus) as well as an occasional medical expert on one of our current affairs programs on top of her day job as a General Practitioner and cycling commentator
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There was a bizarre gameshow in the UK called Gods of the Game on Comedy Central. It featured frankly useless members of the public pitched against athletes in odd contests. For example, there was a handicap pedalo race featuring Chris Hoy (who moved it like a speedboat). But this was all presided over by a 'god' played by Bradley Wiggins.

Talking of Chris Hoy, he also went into motor racing and even drove at Le Mans.
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Nico Roche is in this seasons "Dancing with the Stars" in Ireland. Basically a dance competition where celebrities get trained by pros (I think every country has one)

He seems to be gaining quite the reputation as a heartthrob and yes that's his nipple.
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Victoria Pendleton tried horse racing but I think she gave up after being beaten in celebrity race by much unloved Tory MP Matt Hancock (who is now in the jungle on I'm a Celebrity)
In fairness, Hancock was riding Shergar.

Pendleton's jockey career wasn't as bad as Wiggins' rowing career, at least, she made a near decent fist of it.

And - little known fact here - Chris Hoy went into motor racing. He even drove at Le Mans. Stephen Roche is another rider turned driver but I can't remember if he ever drove anything anyone remembers.

Hoy also has an odd side-line in kiddy-lit.
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