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Groenewegen has some issues following his train. And AFAIK Ewan and his train are not all that optimal. In regards to experience and training together.

Hence i am leaning more towards Jakobsen vs. van Aert.
The problem is that Groenewegen's timidness between 3 to 1kms to go which can result in him losing the wheel because he does not following his sprint train - His refusal/inability to follow the sprint train is leading to disharmony in the team. I've felt sorry for Mezgec in the last two years - Suffered last year with Matthew's inability to hold his wheel in the final, while this year he has spent half his races looking back to find Groenewegen with one km to go
The way the time limit works means that the faster they go on the flat, the greater the time limit. And a fast flat start should take relatively less out of Jakobsen compared to the doms that pace the rest of the stage.
Yesterday was a good example of that. Quick-Step was chasing the break on the flat before Aubisque, and in the end of the day all 6 riders were among the last 7 on the stage.
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2023 will be an interesting year for QS - They've signed Merlier who has yet to prove he can get to the first day in a GT, while Jakobsen has struggled in the mountains BUT should be better for the experience.