Favourite 'small' race

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Bardamu said:
Red Rick said:
Eneco is mostly a balance between the Ardennes stage and the cobbled hill stage. That's perfectly fine. The terrain is there in the Ardennes to make a stage very suited to climbers, but then the cobbled stage would also need to be much harder

And the Eneco has a spot on the calendar where no GT level climber wants to peak for anyway. Dumoulin is was a very rare exception
The race has had interesting and diverse winners the last years: Hagen, Boom, Stybar, Wellens, Terpstra, Dumoulin. Some cobbled riders, an Ardennes specialist and a GT-rider. The parcours doesn't need more Ardennes stages, it just needs to have one of each sort, as Pistolero and many others already stated.
I don't disagree, though honestly I think it would be sweet to have a stage in the area of Roubaix. Could balance that with a hilly stage in Luxembourg. You could even ditch the AGR type stage for all I care cause that one never does that much damage.