Favourite Vino Moment

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Jun 12, 2011
My favourite Vino memory is that stage in 2005 (can't remember the exact one) where he was dropped on a climb,belted downhill like a maniac to get back on,then blew through everyone to attack the very next climb (only to be idiotically hunted down by Kloden & Ullrich).
Champs-Elysees for me as well. One of the best moments I can recall seeing. Btw the Brad McGee facepalm pic posted above is classic. :p Never seen it before.

The Kivilev tribute some other posters have referred to is of course an exceptionally moving moment, but having only read about it I cannot really claim it as my 'favorite'.

Is there a way to combine this thread with the Vino Comeback Thread?

The topics are basically one in the same...

auscyclefan94 said:
I was thinking about making this thread for the end of the tour but the fact that his crash has effectively ended his career I thought we could post it now.

Firstly, lets hope Vino is alright. What a character he is and and ambassador for the sport.

What is your favourite Vino moment? It can be on or off the bike or it simply could be a quote. I thought Vino deserved a thread for this type of thing as the Crazy Kazakh has brought many moments of joy and humour to many of us.

If this thread is too similar to the Vino comeback thread then could the Mods delete it
Apr 8, 2009
auscyclefan94 said:
Vino's stage win in Loudenvielle (even if he isn't the official winner) will be something I will always remember of him. That guy rode like a true champion. he showed true guts and I was guttered to find out he tested positive but none the less a great vicotry. That victory defines Vino's style.
I couldnt agree more. And the ITT win at Albi. unfortunately awesome.
Jun 21, 2011
Unfortunately I missed his Champs-Elysees win but the attack into Gap in 2003 will always stick out in my mind. One Vino attack leads to a unique TDF memory and he gets a podium and the most combative rider award at the end of it.

He understands it's not simply about winning, it's about the journey. What a guy :rolleyes:
on3m@n@rmy said:
Vino was free to race for himself in the 2003 Tour when Ulle was with Bianchi. The final GC standings that year were.
1 Lance Armstrong (USPS)
2 Jan Ullrich (Team Bianchi)
3 Alexander Vinokourov (Team Telekom)
It was fun to see him in a situation where he did not have to work for someone else.
That was a fun tour! Vino looked amazing...I loved watching him even though I was rooting for Ulle.

I'm going to go watch the Champs finish again...it's been a while. :)
I'm sad to see the end of Vino. :(
Mar 11, 2010
Have always loved Vino, and there are too many great moments to pick a favorite. So sad to see his career end with a crash. There will never be another rider like Vino in the peloton.

Thank you for posting the photos and reminding me of some of the highlights of his career!
Aug 1, 2009
I think it was in the tour of 2007, Moreau had tried to do something in an early mountain stage that had annoyed Vino. Then came a flat stage with sidewind along the sea. When Moreau went back to his car to get his shoe adjusted, Astana went to the front and started their own TTT. Soon Moreau had lost many minutes, and Vino did the finger-cross-the-neck motion, Astana stopped pulling and Moreaus tour was over.

I don't think this was the best Vino moment ever, but that's how I remember Vino. When he races he has no mercy, he is afraid of nothing and he follows his own rules.
Didn't know which Vino thread to revive, this one seems fitting.

This (including captions) is taken from the gallery of TdF bikes on the CN article:

Vinokourov is no longer racing, but his bike still gets the (mostly) pro treatment before the Tour de France, where he is working as management on Astana

Who gets new gold bar tape at the Tour de France?

Why, that would be Vino, the reigning Olympic road champion