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Fernando Gaviria Discussion Thread

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Netserk said:
tobydawq said:
Valv.Piti said:
"I am excited and eager to ride the cobbled classics, races for which I have a deep love. Then, in the second part of the season, I want to be 100% fit for the Tour de France."

Sounds good! I also cannot stress enough how big Brian Holm is on Fernando. He is constantly raving about him, whether it is on podcasts, interviews, twitter or whatever. The guy is certain that he is as good as Sagan, or at least will be. But this should be the season where he really announces himself as a world class rider.

Holm uses to say that Sagan doesn't come anywhere near Gaviria. Which is ridiculous - or maybe he has just forgotten Sagan as a 20 year old...
Indeed. Just compare Sagan's season in '12 to Gaviria's last year. Some similarities, but Sagan's clearly a level above. Same as the respective seasons before.
Sagan is a very poor measuring stick. He's one of the greatest talents in the sport.

I do get the feeling with Gaviria that he may be in an odd spot where his versatility doesn't really help him in the monuments cause he'll still be lacking on the cobbles and he'd contend for San Remo even with less durability
But thats not a fair assessment either. While Brian Holm obviously is out of bounds, Gaviria has only scratched the surface so far. He wasn't very good in the spring this year for various reasons (not good prep + Giro) and was sick leading up to the Giro. Then we saw his real level when he completely destroyed his opposition in the 2nd week. Thats Gaviria.

He again was hampered by bad prep and crashes and only got real form once WC rolled around. Holm said he was certain Gav wouldn't contest as he needed 2-3 weeks more, but he was amazing in that race and who knows what had happened if he just waited for the sprint.

If he finally can get a season without too many crashes and too much sickness, there's really no limit I think. Gaviria hasn't had a 'normal' season so far, so comparing him to Sagan's seasons is not really useful. Hopefully he will have one this year. Im strictly speaking on talent since its so obvious, at least to me, that he has much more up his sleeve than he has been able to show so far.
I sincerely hope that it doesn't afflict its early season. I can't wait to see Kittel domination end.

Today's stage seemed pretty crazy. I just had a quick look but it was in Spanish and my link was meh. But as far as I've seen, there must have been some crosswinds or something. There was a split in the bunch. Did that cause Gaviria to crash? Or was it later?
Edit: NVM, cf. San Juan topic for some explanations.
Aug 18, 2017
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Fernando Gaviria was taken to the San Juan hospital for further tests, after initial on-ground examination by the team doctor didn't reveal any broken bones. The Colombian, racing his first event of the season, came out of this incident with multiple abrasions and a deep wound on the left knee; the doctors will keep him at the hospital for further examinations, but fortunately the tests he underwent so far didn't show any kind of fractures.