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FLandis letter, links

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Feb 14, 2010
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Wall Street Journal -
"For Cycling's Big Backers, Joy Ride Ends In Grief"

He established the Floyd Fairness Fund and sought financial support.

Backing came from some of the same people who bankrolled Tailwind. Mr. Weisel chipped in $50,000, says Mr. Landis. Mr. Bucksbaum sent tens of thousands to Mr. Landis's law firm. Mr. Williams, the Connecticut businessman, and Mr. Cashin, the private-equity executive, sent money. Mr. Landis says he spent about $2 million on his defense, and that about 70% of the outside money he raised came from this circle of wealthy cycling backers.
Jun 20, 2009
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I cant understand why the hyenas on this site are giving so much credence to the master BSer of all time. He lied for years and was on Larry King live denying any culpability whatsoever when an arrest warrant was issued for him after the french authorities traced computer hacking to his lawyer.(sure he didnt :) Is that LAs and Team Postals fault also? Then he comes out and says he doped after and ONLY AFTER he is just coincidentally denied a place in TOC. Then because he just wants to "clear his conscience" he "just coincidentally" waits until the start of the TDF to release more info..he just want to clear his conscience but "just coincidentally " everything he says is designed to damage other riders teams and DS. Meanwhile the same incredibly high priced legal team that represented Greg Lemond declare they are representing the penniless Landis(just a coincidence tho) who is paying for that GREG? ...then not coincidentally there is the revelation that the recently ethical and now completely believable Floyd landis has filed in federal court for a "reward" for any monies that will be taken from LA Team Postal or whoever if a fine is impoosed. This is of course from the guy who initiateed all the furor b ecuase he "just wanted to clear his conscience". Then tio further "clear his conscience" he wears a wire to a meeting with ball once again being able to file in federral court for a significant chunk of any money taken from Ball in federal court.
I guess a guy has to make a living somehow and if he cant make it on a bike becoming a professional rat is a good second I suppose for an ethical and utterly believable guy like Floyd Landis. What I am wondering and curious as to why no one has asked before, is where was Floyd Landis when his father in law supposedly committed suicide? What is the real connection there? Why did his wife diovorce him soon thereafter? What is the ethical Floyd hiding now? I know thats a terrible thing to offer but Floyd is so ehtical and wants to come clean cant help but wonder when a guy is that "sticky" what else is stuck to him??

There is an interesting case involving the team doctor to the San Diego Chargers, Dr. David Chao. Kathleen Adams, a former patient, was awarded $2.2 million by an arbitration panel due to Chao botched hip surgery in 2007 in which he lacerated her femoral artery, vein and nerve. What is most interesting is that Chao, 46, has a long history of malpractice despite his high-profile position with the Chargers.

Chao was also the doctor for cyclist Floyd Landis and wrestler Rey Mysterio as well as the USA rugby team and Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. His website states:

Worse yet, federal agents searched Chao’s office and alleged he had written 108 prescriptions with himself listed as the patient. That record makes the Chargers 9-7 enviable in comparison to the record of its doctor.

It is astonishing that he has secured so many high-profile clients with this record. Lawyers, including myself, have long objected that malpractice among doctors is committed by a relatively small percentage of doctors who drive up insurance rates and cause continuing harm. Indeed, many of us have been critical of the AMA for failing to adequately police its own ranks.
Feb 21, 2010
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Feb 14, 2010
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Interview with Mike Anderson (see above)

"I've spoken to Novitzky on the phone at length last year. The guy is described by people as the Elliott Ness of his area of law enforcement and if you've got him on your tail you're in big trouble," Anderson told the Sunday Star-Times.

"He doesn't undertake things he isn't going to win. Those guys have a ridiculously high ratio of convictions – they don't undertake superfluous investigations and I don't think this is going to be a good outcome if you're Lance Armstrong.



Mar 11, 2009
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Colm.Murphy said:
Who wants to bet an indictment comes down before this:


If so, would such an indictment delay or postpone an IPO? Any other cases to cite where something similar happened?

Here is an expert take on the demand media IPO and the problems associated. An expert cited in the article states he'd never buy into it, and is not sure the deal (IPO) can get done.


Indictment did not come down in time.
Deal (IPO) got done.

"The foundation made $3.1 million Wednesday from selling its shares in Demand Media, the California company that creates online articles and videos for its own websites and generates online content for customers such as USA Today.

Demand Media stock went public Wednesday morning, after the company and some shareholders sold stock to institutional investors Tuesday night for $17 a share — a higher price than expected. The shares closed on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday at $22.65, a 33 percent gain."