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Frankie and Floyd phone call

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May 8, 2009
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kurtinsc said:
They'll only do it if they're going down anyway. Obviously if they're going to escape jail time, then nobody will be ratted out. But if Armstrong is going down, then he'll take some others with him... and Contador (who he dislikes) will be a prime target.

I do believe Contador is/was a doper, but why assuming Armstrong or even Bruyneel would have any probe of it?? Furthermore, did Contador needed them to be "a good doper"???. He is in another team now, and probably his performance will not suffer this season.

I have the feeling that it may be possible to be "a good doper" out of the team's medical structure, if you have money backing you up. I imagine that there are some doctors flying around the best riders offering their private services and emulating Ferrari.