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General News Thread

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according to Sporza, Kopecky is skipping Tour de France Femmes to concentrate on the Olympics, as the Omnium track cycling finishes the day before the race starts. So shes doing the Giro instead.

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Hopefully it doesn’t mean she’ll have to wear a Nike-designed kit. It’s bad enough they dominate the team apparel market in so many sports but they’ve done a sh*t job on some of their team uniforms this year—their design of US Olympic team unis got more press but it is the MLB (baseball) uniforms that really suck!
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View: https://twitter.com/LasterketaBurua/status/1786389797235257508

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Prudhomme worries about riders clothing (if Pogi's shorts story was n't enough) - the Pidcock alternative is maybe a viable option
Christian Prudhomme believes that when developing their material, teams are too concerned with making the riders faster instead of thinking about their safety. "It's not possible for a rider to sit on the ground after such a fall with a completely torn shirt and his skin completely shredded?" the Tour de France boss asks rhetorically in RIDE magazine.

Is this Off topic?
I guess it is very difficult to be off topic in this thread, but we have a no politics rule: discussion of immigration policies etc are not invited here, so probably best that it sits there with no reply.
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I’m disgusted they put such restrictive limits on the number of cyclists per country for the Olympics. They keeping adding more events to swimming and gymnastics so there are entire armies of those athletes. Pah
You’d think there would be a guaranteed spot for the defending champion at least… I’m too lazy to look up the eligibility rules again but is it that all road/track cycling disciplines have a single quota between them all? Shouldn’t Ecuador have multiple spots regardless?
I don’t know either and I think I’ll get too frustrated if I look into it!
Sometimes it’s better to not know.

As much as I loved watching Phelps go all 8 for 8 in Beijing back then, it’s true some sports are too bloated. I guess some would say cycling doesn’t need 90+ riders for a single event though. The Olympics is too much of a production for me to get worked up about these days anyway.