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Teams & Riders General topic for riders who don't deserve their own thread (yet)

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I don't think a 30-year-old counts as being part of the new generation...

And, yeah, I'm kinda surprised other riders haven't gotten the same idea to just tag along with the bus.

If the trip is longer by bus, I'd rather take the plane. Of course you have to take the time getting in and out of the airport into account as well. I can understand why the amount of travelling annoys the riders.
Official Redhead Certification

I, RedheadDane, by the power invested in me, by me, hereby declare Alexander Salby an officially certified redhead!


And, given his nationality, he's of course a redheaded Dane.

(I may, or may not, have eagerly awaited my opportunity to do this.)
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Piccolo has his own thread.
You can discuss any course deviations there.

Does Anniina have a twin brother, or are we dealing with a major coincidence?

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Looking forward to the 'Paul Double? Its pronounced 'Doub-lay' actually thread' thread.

eurosport have been really hyping this dude up.
French ancestors? Then it should aslo be spelled Doublé.

yeah, sure, whatever you say... so... What's going on with Max Poole? How is your recovery going? Is there any word on when he'll be back in action?
Are you talking to yourself? Anyway, PCS has Poole for La Vuelta. No idea how his recovery after his elbow fracture is going. And i also keep mixing him up with
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