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I think Netserk's comment was a response to your post.

But at least Gloag survived his accident, unlike Juan Pujalte of the Valverde U23 team who died in training in Murcia yesterday. They haven't disclosed the details, so I don't know if a vehicle was involved or not. But no matter how it happened, or whether it's an 18 year old who's just about to start his or her senior career or a 51 year old who's about to end his, it's always heart-wrenching whenever someone has to pay the ultimate price for being part of the sport.
Oh no . . .
She won a pro race.

Official Redhead Certification

I, RedheadDane, by the power invested in me, by me, hereby declare Josie Nelson an officially certified redhead!

How to get success in the cobbled classics (relatively) late in your career?
Stop dancing! (At least if you're called Toms Skujins.)

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Luca Mozzato had made absolutely no indentation on my awareness previously, but he has just come 2nd in the Ronde two weeks after winning Bredene Koksijde.
He's been a solid classic rider for a few years now. First showed some promise when he finished 20th in his debut Roubaix (the muddy edition Colbrelli won). Won Bredene Koksijde a couple of weeks ago beating Groenewegen and Thijssen in the sprint.

Not flashy but he'll get the job done and handles bad weather a lot better than most Italian riders nowadays. Yesterday he said he was feeling great throughout the race but chose to pace himself up every berg to not bonk.

Btw watch out for Albanese as well. First ever cobble campaign for him and had some good results. He crashed on the Koppenberg yesterday otherwise he would have likely been with Mozzato.
Very attritional races always bring some surprises, but he's a hardy rider with a good sprint and has been in and around the top 20 for the entire month.

It's a surprise but it's not completely out of nowhere, sort of akin to Madouas coming 3rd in 2022 or Wright's 7th place last year – a guy normally around the top 20 has a great day and races cleverly.
First big result for Madis Mihkels in a WT classic.

It's about time he stops being used to chaperone Thijssen on some random 1.1 classic or to keep everything together for a sprint and gets more chances to ride for himself.

Being a contract year I've been wondering what he could do in the future and honestly Mr. Roodhooft, wouldn't mind if you spent your money with him. Imo perfect environment to develop for a rider of his skills and a solid addition to Alpecin classics team.

If I was forced to choose between keeping Groves or signing a guy like him, would go to the last option. Probably cheaper or not much more expensive that Groves, in actual level I believe they are close and a lot more of upside.
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