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I should have known Foss and Bjerg (is there no distinction between mountain and hill in Germanic languages?), but I wouldn't have recognised Pfingsten as Pentecost (etymology?

A hart (as Tao G-Hart) (or a stag) is a male deer , then Castroviejo, Torres and Carboni.

But what happens if a dam sinks?
A flooding?

I did not get Foss - waterfall.

Lots of beautiful names in that list, I have to admit.
How would you translate pozzovivo exactly?
Wackermann: the brave man
Harper is nice, too, if you think about it.
is there no distinction between mountain and hill in Germanic languages?
There is, in Danish it's; bjerg = mountain, bakke = hill. The irony is the fact that we have a TT specialist whose name means "mountain", would be like if Swift was a climber.

I can also see a hare, a man from a basement and a female first name in diminutive form. If you speak Polish, you can also spot a city.
You must tell me who all of those are! (I mean, I get Kelderman)

And I have totally destroyed the purpose of this thread. Not sorry!
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