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Giro d'Italia Giro d‘Italia 2024 Stage 20, Alpago-Bassano del Grappa, 184 km

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I honestly don't even expect Thomas, Tiberi, or O'Connor to attack, that's the most tragic part.

If I'm Pog I wanna send Majka in the break and basically threaten the break to catch them if Majka doesn't win solo
The problem with this is, do you think Majka will win from the break? Potentially, but there's no guarantee. On Tuesday's stage, he didn't chase Pellizzari down on his own when he'd probably done less work than him on that stage. Pellizzari is probably not the strongest of the potential breakaway opponents. If Majka is in a reasonably strong break, lots of guys could beat him and I'd say he's only about 15% to win. If it goes to GC, Pogi is 100% to win. Also, why would the others pull to get a stage win when they know they will get beat by Pogi. They might pull to make it hard so they can attack each other, but they don't care about the stage win. And why would Majka being in the break cause them to want to chase?
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I think the two big questions are how big Pogacar's gap is going to be and if Tiberi attacks.

It would surprise me if Ineos did anything else than hoping that Martinez can't keep up the pace, but who knows, maybe they have a revelation during the night and see the light of taking chances. But I highly doubt it.
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Pogi did n't play "Mr Nice Guy" yesterday for nothing! I've got the Oppenheimer goggles and geiger counter ready.

There's a reason why guys have been talking about flying too close to the Sun!:D
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