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Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 11: Foiano di Val Fortore – Francavilla al Mare, 207.0k

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And is it generally allowed to pick a lane that requires you to deviate across half the road in 2 seconds and block another rider in the process?

And by extent, is the wind relevant at all to the legality of such a move?
Actually I do think wind should be relevant. Whoever is in the front should be allowed to pick the path of least resistance on the way to the finish line, wind being one factor that affects that line. What else can they do, pick a sub optimal line just in case someone behind them wants the fast line? If you want the advantage of coming out of the draft, you have to deal with the disadvantage of a possibly suboptimal line. If you want to pick your line without others potentially interfering with you, you have to be in front. Molano wants to eat his cake and have it too by getting a draft off Merlier and then a clear shot around him.

That said when I watched the sprint I thought Merlier went right to prevent Milan from getting his draft, and tbh it worked, unfortunately Milan is just a little better right now. I enjoyed this rare chance to see a mano a mano drag race between top form sprinters.
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