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Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 11: Foiano di Val Fortore – Francavilla al Mare, 207.0k

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Jakobsen down with 1x DSM, Arkea, IWG rider, theyre up though

According to the feltet.dk live-update, it was Mikhels having a touch-of-wheels with Aniolkowski, and then hitting Jakobsen and Lund.

I was gonna use Google translate, but... this happened:

Mihkels comes up to ride Aniolkowski and smokes directly over Lund and Jakobsen, who both smoke down. At the same time, they destroy the spirit of Dainese and Ballerini.

Dude made everyone think it was just the bad Lotto train, but it's pretty obvious now he just gives bad instructions. It's the same problem as with Lotto, his teams in at the front waaaay to early and then he gets swamped and pushed away.
This, the guy has Mezgec and Walscheid, a potential world class leadout, at his disposal and still blames them...
Merlier was relegated. Groves 2nd, Lonardi 3rd, as just shown on Rai

His head's gone when it comes to big, even slightly hectic bunch sprints. Just doesn't seem to want to get involved, which is a shame as pretty sure he's still got the speed?

Mezgec had Ewan perfectly placed in the middle of the peleton BUT when he accelerated, Ewan dropped the wheel - Did post, how I wondered how he would go after his first serious crash in the 2021 TDF when he broke his collarbone. he has not been the same rider since. Even in stage nine he was perfectly placed on Milan's wheel and was too easily pushed off by Kooij.
Ewan isn't prepared to take the risks he used to take it seems and just seems to give up if he doesn't get a clean sprint. From the overhead it looked like a rough sprint and few riders got chopped out and had to stop pedaling on the right hand side. Judging by his jersey Jakobsen landed on his back in the fall but no doubts who is the best sprinter at the moment in this race.. Another well taken victory.
True but maybe could have gotten more if they didn’t get overrun a lot of the time. You’d think someone would tell Ewan to stop his yapping and just follow the leadout. I wonder where he’ll be off to end of the year if Jayco try moving on.

Just watched a replay and you could've given him the best lead out ever he wouldn't have made it into the top 5. God he's gotten slow, even worse than last season. Good luck with that Jayco, it's like he's already retired.
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