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Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 13: Riccione – Cento, 179.0k

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Visually this is a fine stage for students of horticulture - flat fields everywhere, could easily be taking soil samples. (Actually it's not that bad, at least the fields are mostly green and there are plenty of trees along the roads, and just now there was a river. I think bodies of water always jazz things up a bit.)
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No. (Well, I looked him up, assuming you're talking about the Portuguese football player)
Still doesn't change what I wrote.
Wasn't intended to make you change it. Just reminded me of this:

Luis Figo played for Barcelona before joining Real Madrid. It's safe to say these two clubs don't like each other. Back then, Barca even organised a free fan service, so people could get Figo removed from their shirts. In 2002 when the two teams played against each other, Figo decided "*** the hate" and take the corner kicks for Real. "Naturally" they threw all sorts of things at him, amongst them a pigs head. Very rude indeed.
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