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Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 13: Riccione – Cento, 179.0k

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Gaviria with his trademark move.
Milan - is he potential Tom Boonen material?
He's a big guy, sprinter, maybe soon turning himself into a classics man?
I think Milan doesn‘t have it past five minute efforts and would get crushed on the Kwaremont the way it‘s ridden these days. He‘s also very heavy. He could do well in Roubaix but not in something like the Ronde.
I believe Milan gets wildly overrated for classics and his succes now is thanks to committing to sprint specialization
I think that's an unfair reading of Milan, given this is really only his second full year as a road pro. I don't think he's specialising in sprints, he's just improving at them – he has said himself that his dream is classics, and he committed fully to this spring.

I think 5th and 7th at GW and Dwars is a good outing. He's not a RVV contender, but I don't see much reason why he isn't a GW/Sanremo contender, maybe even Roubaix if he improves over the cobbles. He's a strong roleur/time triallist, and I'd say it's way too early to say he's specialising as a sprinter.
Being average in the classics this year when his overall form is like this is a big red flag for me.

But then frigging Philipsen won Sanremo
His Gent-Wevelgem performance was more than average IMO, and he's only 23. Plus, he came from the track, not the road, so classics riding will always be a steeper learning curve (see: Ganna). In fact did he do any Belgian racing before turning pro?
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Gaviria with an absolute vintage Gaviria leadout.

Good thing that plenty of sprinter teams didn't bother to get more involved when Ineos served them a split that had Milan behind on a platter. Gotta preserve these great leadout trains who then got eaten alive by a Trek leadout that had to tire themselves chasing the split.

But hey, I guess blaming Pogacar for being stage win greedy is an easier way to avoid confronting one's own failure like not committing to breakaways or other opportunities.