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Giro d'Italia Giro d’Italia 2024, Stage 19: Mortegliano - Sappada, 157k

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That was a masterpiece of a magnitude seldom seen, played his cards perfectly throughout from start to finish. Yes, there wasn't as much tension as there could have been because G2 G2d too much, but it's impossible not to watch in admiration.

He was clearly the strongest at the end too... NONE of the G2 could get any time back at Sappada despite having soft-pedal'ed and recovered in meantime.

In hindsight - was it also just a proof of cool, analytical mind that he took his time and steady rhythmied himself back after the violent Ala acceleration on Passo Brocon. Those who glued themselves to the tire there paid the price at the finale. Vendrame probably found the most perfect balance between not extending himself but not leaving too much catching up too do either.
What's this about the Olympics and Narvaez that Hatch keeps talking about?
That they only have one opening for the Olympics and the coach decided to pick Narvaez instead of the current Olympic Champion Carapaz. Carapaz is throwing a tantrum all over the place for this decision and Ecuador people, who understand very little about cycling at this moment IMHO, in backing up Carapaz. That's it.
gg Vandrame, I should have had more faith in you before the stage, but still 100/1

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Rubio was complaining that Pogi rode on 2nd position when attacking and Pogi felt bad and went back to the end o the group immediatedly after to reward attacking spirit.

Which in turn almost turned out badly. Because he just narrowly avoided the crashing Thomas. So better again ride at position 2.

Thomas almost took out the whole top 3, was close for Pogacar and Martinez to avoid him.