Giro dell'Emilia (1. Pro) - 18/08/2020

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Textbook tactics from DQS.
Trek should take notice, they've been pulling groups for no reason in Piemonte/Lombardia/Emilia. They're really clueless.
Astana is not much better tactically but they're su superior it's doesn't really matter.

A heartbreaker for Almeida.
It is a near miss for DQT. Only regret is Bagioli should be the one attacking. Almeida could match Vlasov in this kind of climbing if not emptying his tank, but nice try.
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I suppose Fuglsang was always supposed to give this to Vlasov. He did not work much for Vlasov but that made it hard for the others to know which one was the designated leader. I don't think Fuglsang gave his all here.
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