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Giro dell'Emilia 2023, one day race, September 30

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Meanwhile on the women's side, Urska Zigart is riding as well. Her boyfriend is also in this race.

As well as Rogla, a future teammate at Jayco?
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UAE has a super strong team here, almost all of their riders can actually win the race under the right circumstances which reminds me a bit of Jumbo in the early cobbled classics this year or Quick-Step in those same races a couple of years ago.

I think their best strategy is instead of just setting a strong pace for Pogačar try to attack the race from afar with an Ayuso or Ulissi in order to put pressure and tire Jumbo and Roglič. Still even though this is Roglič's favourite one day race, Pogačar still has a decent chance in a head to head battle on the final ascent.
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Jumbo just did their official announcement with the clip from this interview lol. He caught them off guard
It reminds me of when Vettel told Red Bull on Friday night that he was leaving the team, and the next morning Red Bull announced that Vettel would be racing for Ferrari next year, revealing Ferrari's new driver before Ferrari had made any announcement