Giro d'Italia 2015 Stage 20: Saint-Vincent – Sestriere 199km

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May 29, 2015

Rollthedice said:
Landa is crap on the flat, Zakarin did'd do a thing and maybe Aru's group just caught them.
Nah, you could see when they still had 50 seonds that Landa made a gesture to Zakarin to indicate he was going to wait. After that he clearly didn't ride full gas.

He didn't run out of energy either because he instantly starting leading the group at a fast pace as soon as Aru caught him.

rm7 said:
It can't be that Contador is in such a bad form.. he have been on pair or slighly below Landa in this race, but much stronger than Aru.

He haven't been eating enough or something. Sugar crisis.

Damn it, will have to rewatch entire stage. Hate being in different timzeone :/
Landa was held back by Astana entire race. Looks like they prefer 2nd with Aru 3rd with Landa from 1st with Landa 3rd with Aru. Its all about Italian golden boy.
Jul 19, 2010

ggusta said:
message boards are so bipolar! a half hour ago, ac was going to lose the giro, now astana are idiots. hilarious,
no.. THANKS ASTANA! for letting AC catching up.
May 18, 2015
Re: Re:

Sleimas said:
IamIronMan said:
Astana's tactics are ridiculous. Landa's attack was totally pointless now that Aru's group has caught up. I *almost* feel bad for Landa. Almost.
And of course Astana, before Landa attack, totally expected that Aru will be able to outclimb Contador. It's very easy to sit behind a computer and be a wise guy after the fact.
Are you dumb? Landa sat up and WAITED for Aru to catch up. And as soon as they did, Landa turned it back on and the gap opened up. He had 1:37 at the top.

BigMac said:
How exactly have Astana failed today? Sorry, I just started watching. They may pull 1-2.
It's not so much that they failed today. It's that they failed over the Giro as a whole. If they had allowed Landa to go all out from the start he'd probably be quite a bit closer to Contador in the GC, so today might have actually been close.



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