Giro d'Italia 2020, stage 19: Morbegno › Asti (258k)

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Jan 8, 2020
La Gazzetta dello Sport absolutely scandalized by the comportment of the "pedallers", for "cyclists" is too noble an identity, recalling Charlie Gaul's frozen jersey triumph on the Bondone in 1958 and Hinault's frigid ride to victory in Liege. "These guys, yes, were noblemen on bicycles!", not the shameful petit bourgeois pedallers we have today. "The Giro has been stabbed in the back!", writes Pier Bergonzi, who further reminds us of the heroic and legendary snow-ridden Gavia stage of 1988. "We who have an infinite esteem for athletes who are (usually) among the most stoic and heroic of figures, did not recognize them yesterday. We only saw the frightened shadow of those past champions, cowardly racers, hidden one behind the other to not feel chilly and shrink away from kilometers of fatigue". And what a shameful sight to see riders, writes Luca Gialanella, "hugging eachother, because one doesn't race in the rain and since the course has been halved". Christian Salvato, president of Italian riders, continues Gialanella, confirmed that "we did not ask for the extreme weather protocol to be applied". And well then, the motive? "Tired riders, too long transfers, early alarm clocks, long stages, the cold". You see, even the riders don't know why they did it, concludes Gialanella. Marc Madiot, DS of Demare's Groupama team, commented: "If you don't want to suffer in the third week then change jobs. One isn't required to be a professional cyclist". Bergonzi: "The truth is that the riders have made fools of themselves". O tempora, o mores!
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Zlev11 : Only the Anglophones changing the sport, hmmmmm. Go back into the history books to see the last GT Winner from a 'Traditional' Cycling Nation.

And no Slovenia nor Colombia are Traditional.

What a Dinosaur you are !