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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023, stage 17: Pergine Valsugana - Caorle 195 km

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Always interesting to see just how Ackermann manages to loose position.
Milan didn't help himself either, but he channeled his inner Kittel again. He looks like he only needs a good leadout and then he'll win much more. I was actually surprised how little he has won so far on the road when I looked it up, only 4 victories.
He also usually seems a bit undergeared for such a powerful guy, a bigger gear on the bike would probably also help him a lot.
Arne Marit dropped his chain before the sprint, but I really doubt he could have won the stage, as he apparently believes. But he might be successful in Rome, if Milan starts his sprint too far behind once again.
in the replay it looked more like Pasqualon completely ran into him. Before that, he was in great position. He had a(nother) chain drop afterwards, but at that point, he was already out of it anyway.

edit: they showed a better view of it later on, but it's also visible from the overhead, 3:50 into this video

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