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Teams & Riders Greatness Comes in Small Frames! Lenny, The French Martinez - Thread

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It has been the same in all stage races of the year. Even in Catalunya when he was 6th on Lo Port, he was quite mediocre in the harder stages. Which is also why I didn't expect him to do well in GC here, unlike Uijtdebroeks.
Harder stages? Where? Vallter 2000 had one climb before it and is a slightly easier MTF, and La Molina is La Molina. And Lo Port was also the final MTF of the three, which should have been a decent sign in terms of recovery ability.
Harder, yes. Not necessarily hard.

Lo Port was a short pancake before the last climb.
Do you really think that having Coll d'Ares before Vallter 2000 is the main reason he did worse there than on Lo Port? I think it's really just general inconsistency, and his Dauphiné (where he was 23rd of the GC group on the easy Crest-Voland stage, then 12th on the queen stage to Croix de Fer, before finally having a bad day on the Grenoble stage and losing four minutes) would back that up.

He also did great in the hardest U23 mountain stage I've ever seen, fwiw.
So is the Lenny collapse just due to his young age and inexperience, or is he struggling with something?
According to -
(quote)Author of a magnificent first week, including wearing the red jersey for two days, Lenny Martinez subsequently disappeared, diminished by an illness which prevented him from racing at his best level.

"The feelings have returned and it's nice to finish on a good note, giving everything in the breakaway and emptying the tank all the way to the line. I tried and gave everything to get the victory, but we will come back," explained the French climber on the Groupama-FDJ website.

"Lenny fought well in front, he had good legs. He didn't miss much to switch with the five, but it really came down to his leg. The only big regret today is Romain who misses the breakaway by just a fraction. With Lenny and him in front, it would have been more playable and the course suited him," concluded the sports director Benoît Vaugrenard.

The 20-year-old Martinez will now try to catch his breath and gather as much strength as possible before his final stance in 2023 at Italian autumn classics, topped off by his Monument debut at Il Lombardia.(end quote)

So he was ill after being in the red jersey. Probably something similar to what Vingegaard had. He'll have Pinot & Gaudu for company at il Lombardia so we'll have to see how that goes.
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Even disregarding possible recovery issues, it's extremely hard to be a GT rider with such a tiny frame. He's at least 6 kgs lighter than the lightest GT riders around, so I'm not sure he can push the raw watts required in the flat and rolling stages without getting very fatigued. Of course some of those stages are soft pedalled but there's always a couple of them in GTs with the bunch going full gas (wind, dangerous riders in the break, etc).

Rooting for him though. If he can improve further as a climber he will be hard to deal with in the mountains for a long time.
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In the battle of the Lenny's, I think Martinez came out on top in 2023. The Tour though will have to wait, although if Gaudu can not come up with something soon, Little Lenny will become the Big French Hope.
“I don't necessarily want to do the Tour at the moment," Groupama - FDJ's CIC - Mont Ventoux winning prodigy tells Cyclism'Actu, insisting that time is on his side and that there is no rush for him. "I'm still young, I still have a lot of time ahead of me, so I'm not necessarily in a hurry to do it."

Looking back on his first year at World Tour level though, there's a lot for Martinez to be proud of. "It's been a first year beyond my expectations, I can only be satisfied," reflects the 20-year-old. "I'm very happy to have won a race and to have worn a leader's jersey on a Grand Tour. I also took a few slaps in races that were not to my advantage, but that's part of cycling and overall, I loved everything during this first year."

With Groupama - FDJ's talismanic figurehead, Thibaut Pinot retiring, the space is open for someone to fill Pinot's shoes. Could Martinez be the next leader of the team and the big hope of French cycling?
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Little Lenny M off to the TdS then the Vuelta. (De Lie is also doing the TdS - can the universe survive these two at the same race?!)
As mentioned, Martinez is again avoiding the added pressures of being arguably the biggest hope of French Grand Tour cycling at the Tour de France, opting instead to return to the Vuelta a Espana, where he wore the Red Jersey for two days in 2023 before eventually ending up 24th in the general classification on his Grand Tour debut...."He will participate in the Tour de Suisse, he will also do the Vuelta a Espana, so there is no particular frustration."
Original article in French at https://www.cyclismactu.net/news-cy...ny-martinez-sur-tour-de-france-non-81818.html
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