Guess Who - Game

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Active? No
European? Yes
Male? Yes
Ever done a race finishing on the velodrome in Roubaix? No
Active after 1/1 2010? No
Active after 1/1 2000? No
Are you being sneaky, and he's ridden an edition of P-R that did not finish on the velodrome? No
Active after WWII? No
Active after WWI? Yes
Alive? No
Active before WWI? No
European? Yes
Ever won a GT? No
And/or a monument? No
Was he alive at any point in time after WWII? Yes
Won races in the 1930s? Yes
Won Flèche Wallone? No
Philémon de Meersman? No

Related to any current or former pro riders? No
Ever won a current WT race? Yes
Ever won a current .pro race? Yes
From country with GT? Yes
From country with Monument? No