Guess Who - Game

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He is not from the USA. You only ever asked if he was on a North American team.
The race he was entered into but did not race is indeed on the UCI America Tour
And it took place this year.
He did not finish in the top 10 of the Joe Martin Stage Race in 2019
And his surname is not edible
Juan Mardóqueo Vásquez Vásquez it is :D

Actually a genuinely really good talent, inasmuch as he can be limited by the cycling infrastructure up there. There was a Guatemala national team scheduled to race the Vuelta a Tachirá in January but travel/lockdown concerns prevented it. However, I think he would have needed to get some results either in the US or in South America to get any further than being another Gregory Brenes or Byron Guama I'm afraid, as at 25 it's a bit late for him to pack up and go to the European amateur scenes to try to get spotted like Abner González, and the Guatemaltecan federation haven't decided on a project racing in Europe or splitting time like Movistar Team Ecuador, Electro Hiper Europa or Inteja-MMR.