Guess Who - Game

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Does he ride for Global 6 Cycling? Yes
If yes, did he have a contract with them in January? No
Oceanian team? Yes, but that was kinda answered above.

His team is registered on Earth, right? Yes
Cyrill Steinacher? No
Is his surname also the name of a capital city? No
Is he Norwegian? No
Is the literal translation of his surname Eel rust? No
Has he finished four Giros? No
On a North American team? No
On a South American team? No
On an Australian team? No
On an African Continental team? No
Did he ride the Tour de Rwanda? No
From a country with a Monument? No
Taller than Daniel Martínez? Yes
On an Asian team? No
On a European Continental team? No
From a country with a GT? No
Shorter than Sean Kelly and/or Rob Hatch (1.80-approx. 1.85m)? Yes
On a ProTeam? No
On a Continental team? Yes
Does he have any relatives who are/were pro cyclists? No
On a WT team? No
On a team registered in his home country? No
Does he also ride non-road races? No
Did he start the Giro? No
Did he start the Volta ao Algarve? No
Is he on the startlist for the Tour de Hongrie? No
Active? Yes
European? Yes
Male? Yes