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Guess Who - Game

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Female? No
Active? No
Wintersport Connection? Yes
Norwegian? No
A wintersport that involves some sort of sliding? Yes
Active - as a cyclist - after 20/02 2002? No
Active during the 90es? No

Was he sliding before he was riding (in competition)? Yes
Was he the one who did (most of) the sliding? Yes
Active in the 1920s? No
Ever competed in the Summer Olympics? Yes
Ever competed in the Winter Olympics? Yes

Actually, you know what, let's throw an early hail mary out there. Pierre Harvey?
Even though we've used up a few skiers at this point, I'll still take my hat off for you going for Harvey at such an early stage. I considered picking Alex instead, but I thought it would be too difficult for most of you to find any results for him. Both father and son competed in the 2019 Masters Mountain Bike World Championships in Canada, with Alex finishing 6th and Pierre 9th in their respective age categories.

Ever competed in the Summer Olympics?
Ever competed in the Winter Olympics?
Related to someone who's participated in the Winter Olympics?
So, he has both a son, and a daughter, who does/did wintersports? Yes
Are they both still active? Yes
Has at least one of his children ever won a WC medal? Yes
Are they competing in sports that require the use of skis? Yes
From a country which shares an official language with at least one other sovereign state? No