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Teams & Riders He's coming home!!!! Alejandro Valverde comeback thread.

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What will Valverde's impact be the cycling world in 2012

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Gracias Bala.
He probably had the class to keep riding until Rebellin's age.
You made me check and I'm actually surprised he isn't a meme level conti rider yet. Still, going out at the WT level is a much better way to go out.

I don't doubt Valverde could have continued and gotten top 10s in like Liege, Fleche and Lombardia again next year. He could probably also keep winning lesser races if he picked the right schedule. But at some point you gotta make a choice if it's still worth it for you.
Been a fan since 2005 when he beat Armstrong on the first mountain stage of the Tour, in a sprint, which was unheard of. I was 13 at the time, I already regarded myself as a veteran cycling fan, but I hadn't seen a rider like him yet. Never thought I would still have the pleasure of watching him ride at 30. Gonna miss him.


Same. That's when I became a fan of his as well. It's been an amazing ride to watch and cheer for him.
Wauw, that completely aligns with my experience with him, even the age numbers are exactly the same!

A bit different, but quite similar for me. I started to root for Kelme in 1999/2000 when I wasn't even 10 years old, because they had many great climbers in their team. So I followed Valverde's career right from the beginning in 2002. It's crazy to see how long ago that was and that he was competitive right from the start to the very end.