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If it happens to be the case, we'll just call it the rainbow jersey curse.
His training must've been affected by the title as mentioned earlier.
Pedersen will not be good yet because he raced right to the very end of last season because of the WC, and will only be part way into his preseason training.

This is normal, and when you also consider his relatively young age Trek won't want Pedersen flying yet.

There is nothing to worry about. Start being concerned if he's doing nothing at Paris Nice or other March stage races.
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I'm a bit surprised by Porte. I had got the feeling that he was beginning to lose a bit of motivation but that was not particularly evident today.

Still, his winning margin was much smaller than in 2017, and while he faced the head-wind, so did Yates who also single-handedly led the chase. But Yates is also a much better rider than the competition of 2017. So it's a little difficult to assess Porte's level compared to that day.

Impressive by Power as well, and Bystrøm who was 12th, only 15 seconds off!?
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Mar 14, 2019
Pedersen needs a brutal race. He is almost more likely to win Roubaix or Flanders than he is to win a stage in a week long race or a GT.
He's there as a helper for Porte and did a good job today again. He will win raceS in the jersey. But it's also unrealistic to expect him win all year long. He just turned 24 and he has years and years to achieve the consistency of a big big champion. I personally think it's great to see a worldchamp work for others until the tank is empty.
His record in three week races suggests that he has made a wise decision to pocket as many one week races as he can.
It's kinda dumb cause there's a very clear middle way by simply not being this good in TDU while still getting results in March/April. Or he considers this easy pickings, etc. It's probably just that TDU motivates him way more than other races though.