How bad did i detrain?

May 13, 2017
Was sittkng on my bike last year for a good 20-30 hours a week. Did very well and weighted 67kg.

Some things happened and i lost all motivation and i didnt use a bike from January to April.
I walked 2 hours a day 5 days a week pretty fast pace 6-8km/h.
But that was all the training i got.

I guess i know my fitness have declined but now when i am motivated again do i blame myself for being such a trash.

One study talked about a worldclass enduranceathlete who needed 20 weeks to come back after 2 mo ths deteaining, what do even detraining mean? How inactive do you need to be to lose it all?

When it comes to muscles do you have musclememory and stuff but it is not the dame with vo2max. VO2max detoriate faaast.

What do you say?
The time needed to restore fitness depends a lot on your age, and your 'recovery ability'.
Muscle Memory really isn't a factor because it applies more to 'skill movements' than to strength or endurance.
I think your muscle strength will come back fairly quickly if you do good training. Endurance might take more time and training. Be careful to NOT do excessive training, you need to find a training load from which you can recover in a reasonable time (e.g. a day or 2). Improvements in strength & endurance DON'T happen during training, they happen during recovery when the body rebuilds and improves itself.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
Aug 20, 2017
Your endurance will come back but takes time. We are all different but stick at it. Muscle memory is a real thing. Your muscles/ strength will come back quicker. I lift weights on a daily as well has training hard on my bike and if I ever take a break from lifting it only takes a few sessions to get my strength back . Endurance takes me longer so I don't plan on being off the bike for more than 3 days the most. Drink water eat well and don't do drugs :lol:
Mar 22, 2017
Your body will never forget it's hardest workout. In another sport, I went through buildups to peak then after the event would take time off. It definitely takes time to come back. Don't underestimate smaller volume with increased intensity to shock you back into a good rhythm.

Obviously for cycling, base building is required but you aren't that far out to put some intensity in early on. As long as your muscles are stretched and you don't go hard enough to hurt yourself. IE, if it were me, If I rode 2-3 hours 5 days a week, I'd start off with hour rides at whatever pace I could push for 30 minutes after 15 of warmup and then warm down 15 min. I would also not fret over taking rest days if I felt over loaded. within about 6 weeks, that old form should be within reach on the near horizon.

Just going from my experience in another sport.