How long do we go before they start questioning the Pogacar fairy tale ?

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Anyone hear from L'equipe on this ? Anyone know if there is anyone in the media like David Walsh questioning these "not normal" rides up mountains by this kid ? Or are we supposed to believe in miracles ?
I'm honestly confused by all this talk about a "fairy tale" surrounding Pogačar. He's just a guy winning by a lot. There's no sappy story here, no underdog narrative, no tear-jerking tale about a big adversity having been overcome, no media clout. His only protection is the reluctance of UCI and ASO to have to deal with a scandal, but that would apply literally to everyone in his position.
Jul 4, 2017
Otherwise what can they really say without being bankrupted in court by the UAE? If you think USPostal or Sky was powerful...
Yeah, they have good lawyers. UAE's Manchester City were banned from Champions League for two years by the UEFA after being found guilty of financial doping, however the ban was overturned by CAS
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